Our Mission

Small batches.  That's how we made it big.
Logic says that handcrafting fudge is small batches for the entire world is inefficient. That's why logic doesn't make the world's finest fudge.  It doesn't have to make sense to be perfect.

Where we are today

We feel like we aren’t just another company making something sweet. We feel like we’re different, and we feel like it shows in the quality of our end products. Our fudge and moonshine bars have been ranked by critics with the best confections in the world.

Taste us for yourself

But you shouldn’t take the critics’ word for it. In all our years of selling fudge, the one thing that has helped us sell the most fudge is the free sample.  Nothing sells quality like experiencing quality, and a taste of our fudge is usually enough to convince someone.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. We like to think that we try our best to make life a little more enjoyable by creating some of the finest confections in the world.